Chasing the Fugitive on Campus:Designing a Location-based Game for Collaborative

最近在做Location-based Game 的相關研究

2006-CGSA-Chasing the Fugitive on Campus : Designing a Location-based Game for Collaborative

•ubiquitous computing(無所不在運算)
•context awareness(環境感知)
•cognitive load(認知負荷)
•access points( hotspot熱點或擷取點)
•seamful design----------------------------------下方有專業介紹

Seamful Design



[1][Seamful Design for Location-Based Mobile Games]
F. Kishino et al. (Eds.): ICEC 2005, LNCS 3711, pp. 155 – 166, 2005.© IFIP International Federation for Information Processing 2005

Seamful design is a new approach to reveal and exploit inevitable technical limitations in Ubiquitous Computing technology rather than hiding them. In this paper we want to introduce its general ideas and apply them to the design of location-aware games for mobile phones. We introduce our own seamful trading-game called “Tycoon” to explore seams on this platform and show how to incorporate them into the design of mobile games. We want to evaluate how applications for the mobile phone platform which use cell-positioning can exploit seams for better interaction, gameplay and usability.

[2][Seamful and Seamless Design in Ubiquitous Computing]
Chalmers, M., MacColl, I.: Seamful and Seamless Design in Ubiquitous Computing. Techni-cal Report Equator-03-005, Equator [Technical Reports] (2003)

Abstract: In this paper, we question the assumption that seamless integration of computer system componentsis necessarily a design requirement for ubiquitous computing. We explore Mark Weiser’s notions of seamlessnessand ‘seamfulness’, and apply them in discussing system design and use. The physical nature of ubicomp systemsreveals itself in, for example, uncertainty in sensing and ambiguity of representations. These ‘seams’ may beinevitable, and users perceive and appropriate them for their own uses. Users can benefit from them, and newopportunities for seamful design arise if we take fuller account of them. We offer some examples of seams andinitial suggestions for seamful designs, drawing from previous work in ubiquitous computing, mixed realitysystems and media spaces, but focusing on our own system that lets a visitor using a PDA in a museumexhibition co-visit with people using virtual reality and web versions of the same exhibition.


Seamful將字拆開成[Seam]+[ful] 分開搜尋

seam [sɪːm]
n. 接縫, 縫合線, 線縫
v. 縫合, 焊合, 接合; 裂開, 發生裂痕

Many adjectives terminate in -ful.
許多形容詞的字尾是 -ful.。
-- 英漢 - 辭典例句
In English, we have quite a number of adjectives that are formed by the suffix @ful@.
-- 無師自通 校園英語會話 - In the Classroom (3)

幸好 我們是中文語系

[seamful] 翻 [縫合] [銜合]都可以達意

所以決定了 Seamful Design 翻 銜接設計 或 縫合設計 XD